Students in Beaucamps High School in England were given an assignment recently: write an essay pretending that you have converted to Islam.  They were also instructed to consider what it would be like to become a Muslim, and then write a letter to your loved ones explaining why you had decided to convert.

Gemma Gough, who was a mother of one of the students, posted the assignment on Facebook and commented, “This is not acceptable.  Kids are too impressionable and imagine if these letters got in the wrong hands in years to come.”

The school, however, explained that the assignment was part of a religious education lesson, and that it was make-believe.  No child was forced into converting to the Islamic faith.

Parents, however, were not convinced.

Many parents thought that the assignment was dangerous- especially in an era when many youth are being radicalized.  Others were o.k. about their child being taught about other religions, but cautions against asking them to be Muslim.

The school said that they had plans to expose the children to other religions such as Christianity and Judaism, however most people don’t feel the school will go to the same extent such as the teachers asking students to write on how Jesus changed their life.

Meanwhile, in America, the same type of assignments are going on courtesy of the Common Core.  Donna Hearne, who works with The Constitutional Coalition, claims that she receives daily correspondence indicating similar teaching is a regular occurrence in public schools.

Students in England were instructed to write an essay pretending they had converted to Islam. One political observer contends the same thing is happening frequently in American schools as well – compliments of Common Core.

“It probably is almost rare that a week goes by that I don’t get some email from somebody or a note from somebody [asking] Did you know this is happening in our school district?” She claims.

Hearne also confirms, just like England, that the reason for the instruction is because it is part of the Common Core Standards.

The Common Core is state-mandated standards and assessments, and because this is on assessments, teachers are required to teach it.  According to Hearne, when parents asked why Christianity and Judaism were not taught, teachers informed them that they are not on the standards.



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