Some have pagan roots.

Most of us, at Christmastime, waited with anticipation for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve.  We would put out a plate of cookies and milk, then try to stay up long enough to catch a glimpse of St. Nick.  We never saw him, though, as most often we fell asleep before he arrived!
Lost a tooth?  Well, the Tooth Fairy will give you money if you leave it under your pillow!
Easter was exciting as we unwrapped gifts left by the Easter Bunny, and went on an egg hunt.  Oh, those special childhood memories!
Yet, as Christians, are we taking away the excitement and miracle of Christ’s birth and resurrection by focusing our children’s attention on fables?  Is there focus more on what they are getting, and the “magic” of the fables, or is Christ at the center of their thoughts?
These are questions for every parent to ponder.
Many of us have gotten so wrapped up in creating childhood memories that we have forgotten about the reason for the celebration.  Christmas isn’t about Santa, it’s about the miraculous birth of Christ!  Jesus shouldn’t be an afterthought, but at the forefront of our children’s minds.  Furthermore, Easter isn’t about the Easter Bunny, but about Christ’s resurrection and what it means to the believer.
Additionally, in some of the traditions we grew up with, there is paganism driven throughout.  We no longer even are aware of exactly what we are celebrating, or what it even means.
In our next issue, we will discuss the meaning of each of these fables, what they mean, and let you decide what traditions you keep, and which ones need to be let go.
All this and more coming out on September 26, 2016!

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