How many of us have Risen in the Morning only to Distinctively feel far from God?  Could You Backslide and not Know it?

The reason for this feeling, for the most part, is sin.  However, sin is just the beginning to the slippery slope of backsliding.

Backsliding often comes when we compromise or “explain away” our faith instead of standing firm in it.  It comes when we ignore our inner man and engage in activities because “I want to” or “it feels good”.  It is during these moments that Satan bombards our thinking to weaken our faith by saying such phrases as, “Does the Bible really say that?”, “Is that what the Bible really means?”, “No one will know.”, “Just this once…”, etc.

The Holy Spirit convicts us that what we are about to do is not right, but we quench that voice when we obey the thoughts that Satan infiltrates our thoughts with.  Then, in a moment of temptation, we commit a sin.  We know it’s wrong… God has already told us.  Then, instead of repenting, Satan comes in once again asking us if it was really wrong, it’s just one time, and a million other phrases we use to justify doing what is unacceptable.  We rationalize it away, we use logic and reason.  Yet to God, sin is still sin, and He cannot be in the presence of it.

So What Happens?

If we listen to the Holy Spirit, we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness.  Then the blood of Jesus washes us clean, and God remembers the sin no more.  If we don’t, then God moves further away and our prayers may be hindered.  If we habitually sin (because it is intentional and blatantly disobedient), it is seen by God as defiance.  He will move far from us.

God at this point appears to be distant.  Even though scripture says God will never leave nor forsake you, and that is true, He really hasn’t left you.  Scripture also says, as mentioned, that God cannot be in the presence of sin, and because you carry the stain of sin, He is far from you… but not absent.

Our June issue discusses how believers who were so on fire for God can backslide… and not know it.  We will also uncover all of the reasons why people backslide in the first place and how to decipher is you may have “slipped” a little.

The good news is that we have a loving God!  We will also teach you how to come back into His loving arms.

June issue comes out on May 26, 2017!


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