Do Your Parents Have a Legitimate Concern Or Just Having Trouble Letting Go?

You feel as if God has directed you to “the one” that He has for you.  You begin dating and discover that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.  So, you get engaged!  Filled with excitement, you and your new fiance go to tell your parents the news only to discover they are less than enthusiastic.
Upon asking why, your parents answer, “He’s not good enough for you.”
Many thoughts go through a young person’s head at this point.  Is this because I’m a girl and they have difficulty letting me go?  Is this because no one is good enough in my parent’s eyes?  Are they trying to control me?  Do they just not like him?  Will they ever like anyone that I date?
Which one is it, really?
For most people, we would jump quickly to either, “Why isn’t anyone ever good enough for me?” and “Why are they trying to be so controlling?”  However, there may just be wisdom to what they are saying.
Or maybe they just don’t want to let you go!
Parents have a great deal of wisdom, forsight, and experience that their children do not yet have.  Often, we can see trouble up ahead in a relationship, or serious character flaws in a person.  When you are dating, you often overlook the small things, or love can blind you to the truth.  This is where you have to often rely on others who love you enough to want the best for you.
Other people have no reason (for the most part) to tell you something that is untrue unless there are serious issues in the relationship.  Parents want the best for their children, and want to see them succeed.  Sometimes, if he doesn’t bring out the best in you but the worst, you may need to heed their advice.  It may save you emotionally down the road.
Then again, maybe no one will be good enough for Daddy’s little girl! *lol*
Learn how to discern between controlling parents and when they are using wisdom to tell you something of importance in our next issue of Faith Filled Family.  We will help you navigate throught the situation and subsequent conversation to reach a resolution.
Everyone’s opinions have a degree of validity.  We will teach you how to work through it to victory.
Our next issue comes out January 26, 2017.

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