It shouldn’t be controversial- for the most part- about how to discipline your children.  Discipline is often seem as bad, but if you look at the first word in it- disciple- that it exactly what a parent is supposed to be doing: discipling their child.  It should go without saying that you shouldn’t abuse your children in any way, shape, or form.  I am grateful that we have laws in place to protect our children, and to seek justice for those who are engaging in these types of harmful behaviours.  It is not a behaviour that God likes, as it is harmful and damaging to a child’s mind, body and soul.  There is no question about that.  However, it isn’t the obvious that is in controversy surrounding discipline- it’s all those gray areas.

parentingControversy exists in the idea of “spanking”  your children, what is considered verbal abuse, and a host of other allegations.  Every parent’s concern are false allegations either stemming from someone outside (usually with good intentions), or in their child spreading false allegations when they are angry (it happens!).  Anything can and does become misinterpreted, leaving parents bewildered when it comes to disciplining their kids.  As a result, parents fall into one of several groups: spanking out of love and not using excessive force, time-outs, talking/discussions, removing privileges, and sadly, some do nothing.

While we should always protect our children from harm, and excessive violence, things may have gone too far.  Parents have become fearful of punishing their kids, or the punishment isn’t effective enough to initiate a change in their child.  The result becomes an unruly child, and eventually, an adult who has no respect for authority, nor demonstrates self-control/discipline.  Then, at this point, they become “society’s problem”, and a source of tears for parents.

So What Works?  What Can A Parent Legally Do To Raise Up a “Good”, Well-behaved Child?

Janice Broyles discusses what the Bible says about how to discipline your children, and what godly correction looks like within the home.  She will also discuss how God corrects His children with love.  She will bring forth all the legal issues surrounding discipline, and lead you down the correct path to lovingly disciplining your child God’s way.

This story and more can be found in our next issue on Parenting Godly Children.  Our May issue will be released on April 26, 2018 via social media, on our website, and on our free subscription list.


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