Main-Stream Media first scoffed and Accused the President of Fear-mongering. Who’s fear-mongering now?

When it was first announced to the world, coronavirus was similar to every other disease that we’ve had to deal with. For many, it seemed so remote that we barely gave it a second thought. We went on with our lives while the news of a possible pandemic brewed on the horizon oblivious to what lie ahead. And then things became serious…

Some countries chose to ignore the warnings of a deadly pandemic that was rapidly spreading like wildfire across the globe. Canada and the United States were quick to act… and were criticized for their preventative measures. Yet, it was thanks to those preventative measures that many lives were saved.


Yet, you won’t hear that in main-stream media.

If you were in the U.S., mainstream media criticized the President for his quick measures to ensure that Americans remained safe. “Don’t worry,” they said. “It’s nothing. It’s just fear-mongering, and xenophobia.”

That quickly disappeared as the pandemic hit with full force. They ended up swinging in the opposite direction. Suddenly, we were all going to die, and the President wasn’t acting fast enough. He wasn’t providing resources fast enough, vaccines weren’t being developed fast enough, and what was out there simply wasn’t good enough.

Then, there came the panic over economic collapse! When were businesses going to open? When will we be able to get back to work? Money is dwindling! Why isn’t President Trump acting fast enough!

Panic, panic and more panic.

If you were in Canada, Canadians had a more calculated roll-out of changes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau monitored the situation, and took calculated measures to ensure the safety of Canadians. While no one liked it, and social distancing is still not fully enforced, we saw the curve go down. Canadians were still panicked, however, because their future was uncertain. However, probably to a lesser extreme than the Americans saw.

As a result of COVID-19, we saw a sharp rise in depression and anxiety cases. Was media to blame? Probably. Yet, many of these cases probably existed long before the pandemic struck.

And even though the worst is probably over, the fear still rages on. Now, media warns of a potential second wave, and if it’s not fear of a second wave, then it’s fear of a Great Depression.

No wonder people are fearful!!

John Lysaught and Kathy McBroom both tackle the issue of coronavirus inspired anxiety from two different angles. Kathy tackles it from a fear-based stance. She confronts readers as to what really lies at the heart of their fears, and walks them through how to regain their footing.

John Lysaught takes a more powerful stance on the subject. John mightily talks about how our perspectives are skewed, and what our focus should truly be on. Instead of fear, he urges Christians to focus on Christ. He encourages readers to take a more Christ-centered approach to our lives, and that we should go about life not as meek creatures, but as the powerful lions that God designed us to be.

For those who are living in fear of catching coronavirus or worse, are you willing to put your faith in our almighty healer? It’s not to say that we should be prudent, but we shouldn’t live our lives in fear either. Fear takes away the beauty of daily living that we should enjoy. When it’s all said and done, will we be looking ahead as we march on in faith, or looking behind at time stolen from worry. Make the most out of every moment, and don’t let Satan steal your peace.

Or maybe, as John Lysaught suggests, you will rise up to be the mighty warrior that God designed you to be! Will you be the world-changer? Will you decide whether your future will be one of fear or faith? What mighty things will you do for God?

Or maybe, it will be a little bit of both.

June 2020 issue comes out on May 26, 2020. Don’t miss it as our writers continue to discuss what they learned from coronavirus.

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