Due to COVID-19, it has become a very different world. Historically, “plagues”, viruses, etc have come and gone. Coronavirus is no exception. So the question becomes, how do we cope with this “new world” and the challenges it imposes on our daily life?

Coronavirus impacts families in ways we don’t even think about. Not only are parents concerned with both their health and the well-being of their children, but changes to school impact families as well. In many areas, kids are going to school only part-time. The rest of the time, they are taught online, or have extra reading/homework to complete.


Parents are concerned over the quality of education their children are receiving, and also being on top of their children completing their homework. Parents have become more involved in their children’s education than ever before.

Yet children at home pose different concerns other than homework… Some that we don’t even think about. While many parent’s focus in on childcare, we neglect the thought that our children are home alone. So while we, the parents, are off to work (those that are not able to work at home), our children are alone at home. This fact opens our kids up to many opportunities to be tempted.

And then there are our finances to consider. Thousands of people were laid-off due to COVID-19. Many businesses closed their doors leaving their staff unemployed. Some people are still not back at work, and money is dwindling. How do families manage with finances being more restrictive than ever? Also, what about the single mom or dad? How can they cope?

For those of us back at work, our health is of the utmost concern. We are coming into contact with numerous others who may not practise social distancing. They may also be asymptomatic as well. We just don’t know.

How do we protect ourselves at work and outside of the house? What about the kids? Many schools are reporting outbreaks. Are our kids protected?

COVID-19 also tried our faith. With death tolls soaring all over the world, many of us watched our loved ones die. Of those who weren’t called home to Jesus, many suffered greatly with the virus. It’s hard to watch someone you love struggle for breath. It’s even more difficult when you can’t be by their side due to coronavirus.

But it is not just health and life that we should be solely concerned about. Too many people need hope, and there are a lot of people who don’t even know Jesus. Imaging how their lives would change if they had a relationship with our Lord!

And it’s not just a relationship, either. There are those that know Christ but don’t really fully know Christ. There are misconceptions out there, and many lack the knowledge of the fullness of Christ.

How do we adapt?

November 2020 talks about preparing for our new reality. We discuss how to protect your family spiritually, physically, emotionally, and how to navigate through everyday challenges that exist. We talk about the common issues that every family is facing, and address ones that no one is thinking about… yet.

Like every season we have ever faced, this, too, shall pass. How we spend our time depends on what we do in the interim. We, at Faith Filled Family, pray that families remain in tact, troubled marriages are reconciled, and that each families is able to navigate through the most challenging time in our history.

November 2020 will appear on October 26, 2020, and will mark our 10 year anniversary!

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