Every Generation witnesses a defining moment in history that Changes Everything. Was Covid-19 ours?

The COVID-19 pandemic had people witnessing the worst possible circumstances ranging from social isolation to job loss to potentially losing business. We are currently left wondering what a post-COVID-19 world will even look like, and what it will mean for us going forward. It is not just the economy that we need to analyze in this situation. It is our entire life. What did we learn from COVID-19?


While mainstream media promoted graphic images of doom and gloom, there was some good that came out of the pandemic. People gave to each other, and helped out. We rallied together for those in need. We supported our frontline workers- the people that work tirelessly, and whose presence we take for granted every single day.

Families were forced to actually spend time together as there were no extra-curricular activities to rush off to, no making snacks for the team, and no places to hurry to before closing.

How many of us got to really know our kids? What about our spouse? Doesn’t anyone miss the sense of community that used to exist before we became so accessible through cell phones, smart phones, and every gadget on the market?

What Did/should we have learned?

What did God teach us through this? What were we missing?

Faith Filled Family Magazine asked our team of writers, and, for our June issue, they will be sharing what they learned/experienced through COVID-19. Here is what they said so far:

  • Be inspired by this story… “I learned that God is my provider. Despite massive layoffs for an undetermined amount of time and the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring for many people, God always came through.”
  • Learn about strength/conviction “When you know that God is your healer- not just physically, but overall areas- you know that you can be made whole. You no longer feel depressed or depleted, but walk in strength knowing that Jesus died on the cross so that not only you could be healed, but that you could walk in divine health and healing. Take that, Satan!”
  • Discover the importance of family. “I will never take my family for granted again… ever! I missed out on so much through the busyness of life. All that daily stress caused me to miss out on the joy that spending time with my loved ones brings. Wow, think about all the time that I have lost!”
  • Some found something greater than themselves… “COVID-19 rocked people’s world! All of a sudden, they are faced with hard realities and find themselves searching for something greater- a greater meaning to life. Some were on their hands and knees crying out when they tested positive for coronavirus or had a loved one who was diagnosed. Suddenly, they just knew that they needed something more.”
  • Relationships got closer. “In retrospect, the biggest issues that spouses fought about seem so minuscule post-COVID-19. Coronavirus forced us to live with each other 24/7, and as such, we had to learn to communicate better. We learned how to fight fair, and here is how…”
  • Children learn from our example. “Parents fighting in front of children… how horrible! Not only does it put the fear of divorce in them, but generates uncertainty. Many children wrestle with getting married when all they saw were their parents tearing each other apart. They ask themselves whether they will do the same thing, and the sad part is, many go on to do just that. I want to teach people that as adults, we do set the example as to who our children become. We are their best teacher.”
  • Life as we know it has changed. “Before coronavirus, I took life for granted. Everything was so accessible… bread, eggs, toilet paper! Yet, when there was a shortage, it causes you to appreciate what God has blessed you with. We started to do life very differently, and the people around me suddenly weren’t just casual acquaintances but became true friends. I will never take things for granted again because things can change in an instant.”
  • And many more!

Our June 2020 issue comes out on May 26th, 2020! Prepare to be inspired.

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