Todd Starnes sheds some light on the future after COVID-19… and some concerns

Todd Starnes is a best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio host of “The Todd Starnes Show”.  He sat down with FFFM to discuss the current state of the COVID-19 virus.

Starnes spent over a decade at Fox News Channel hosting one of the top radio programs on the network.  During his final year, he hosted “Starnes Country” on Fox Nation.

Starnes, while based in New York, provides a national perspective on the COVID-19 virus as he is in constant contact with the White House and Trump administration officials.  

Todd is extremely well-versed in what is going on in America with the COVID-19 virus and was able to provide us with valuable insight as to the progression of the virus, and what measures President Trump is taking to ensure not only the health of Americans but the health of the economy as a whole.  

As you will discover in our interview, it’s not an easy task, but President Trump is trying to do what is in the best interest of the people as a whole.

Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) – warning alarm message statistic

We asked Todd what the recent state of the COVID-19 virus is in the United States. Some reports are indicating that they are down in the mid-west, but still on the rise in major cities. Meanwhile, CNN and some other news media, cites that the U.S. is the epicenter of the COVID virus with total reported cases being higher than China. We wanted to gain a truer picture of what was really going on in the midst of conflicting reports.

While Starnes claims that he is certainly not a medical expert, he does say that things may not be as bad as they appear- especially when you examine CBC’s reporting of things such as the common flu. Starnes points out that tens of thousands of Americans report getting the flu every year. As a result, many people die.

Yet, when it comes to the mainstream media or government leaders and the flu, they are not inciting the mass hysteria and fear-mongering that we see over COVID-19.

Will the economy bounce back right way?

Starnes reports that the greater threat to America, however, is not the coronavirus, but the economy if we continue to shut down businesses if this goes on for another month. Starnes predicts if COVID-19 is over in a week or so, the economy will not only bounce back, but it will roar back.

“You are going to have all of these people who have been locked up in their homes, wanting to get out and go to the movies, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  So I think that this will be huge,” Starnes says.

“However, if this thing goes on for… let’s say another three weeks… we are going to see these small businesses shutting down.  They just simply cannot afford to stay open.  The projections for the unemployment rate could be as high as 25-30%.  Those percentages would be greater than what we experienced during the Great Depression.”

Starnes further commented that in a month from now, small business will not be able to reopen, and this will have a rippling effect throughout the economy.

“For example, here in New York City where I live, we’ve got thousands and thousands of people that are unemployed because they have shut down the restaurants. That has a cascading effect,” He explains.  “The people who sell the food to the restaurants, the vendors… Those people are losing out on revenue.”

“So, this is a big, big deal.  Again, it’s one thing for people in the academic world to say that we all need to stay in our homes for the next four months.  And of course, Governor Cuomo will go on to say for another nine months.  But the reality is that most people don’t have enough money to survive another month, and that’s the big problem.”

Starnes also speculated on the purpose of COVID-19. He says that we know where it originated from, but what was the purpose of creating it? Was it a natural occurrence, or a man-made biological weapon as has been suggested? The reality is that the United States doesn’t really know, but we need answers.

starnes reports that his listeners question as to whether they are being properly informed.

The sentiment appears to be among people that they are unsure as to whether the picture they are being given is accurate, or inflated. Most people are noting that the mainstream media does not like President Trump. Starnes backs up this statement, as he has witnessed this first-hand.

“It’s bad to say that… but the hatred towards this President is just off the charts!  I’ve seen it up close and personal, so it is a real thing.” Starnes commented.  

When asked why, Starnes said that overall, they want this President to fail. Therefore, it leads one to question whether this mass hysteria is being generated just to make President Trump look bad.

Media Outlets such as CNN and Fox News report such polar facts about the virus. Who do you believe?

Many Americans are confused as well since the opinions sway on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Who is right? Who is accurate? No one’s opinion is really close. So what is the truth?

“Right!  And that doesn’t serve the general public very well.  I think that everyone needs to take a deep breath, and ask, “Is this really as bad as they are telling us?”  If it is, then what do we need to do?” Starnes says calmly. 

“I’ve been telling folks of my program to take preventative measures, be prudent, and take care of your family.  But there is no need to hyperventilate about it.   There is no need to go out and hoard all of this toilet paper which is the greatest irony because this is a respiratory illness.  People really don’t need toilet paper (laughing).”

Starnes does state that he is very troubled by how quickly Americans gave up their civil liberties. People were very quick- out of public safety- to agree not to go to church, shut down their business, and did so without asking any questions.

Will businesses really be open for easter?

Starnes feels that this is a very prudent move made by our President. From the mindset of a businessman, he recognizes what is at stake for the United States economy should it be shut down. The implications are not only for America, but for the world as a whole. President Trump is concerned that if we force businesses to shut down for another month, a Great Depression will result. That would have catastrophic results on Americans as a whole.

Starnes is warning, though, that either way, we are going to see political warfare in America. He says to expect that medical experts and democrats will be playing politics with the President.

“Many people are going to be faced with a decision: do you remain on lockdown in your home, or do you get on out there, and start living your life,” Starnes says. “People, for the most part, are staying inside, and I think that we are being prudent.  But you have to be able to get outside and get some fresh air.”  

While the future with this virus may appear to be uncertain in the United States, the American people must take to heart that the President is doing all he can for the greater good of the country.  It is a delicate balance in keeping the economy from entering a depression that would affect millions of Americans financially, versus the health of the people in the country as a whole.

While no one wants the spread of this virus to continue, we must keep in mind that it will have an expiry date.  It is short-term.

A great depression, on the other hand, historically can last almost a decade.  It’s ramifications ripple throughout the globe.  Just when the United States experienced significant growth in employment, we should not have it taken away by entering into a depression which, no matter how you slice it, will last long term.

Before many turn their nose up at Trump’s idea at opening up businesses by Easter, we should at least give him the benefit of the doubt to see what implementations are being put forward into place to ensure the health of the country as a whole.  It may surprise many of us.

President Trump overall has been implementing plans that benefit all U.S. citizens as a whole- although he doesn’t always get much credit for it.  We need to trust and pray for our leaders to make godly decisions- not just complain.  We need to place our trust in both God, and in our elected officials as they are often the ones that God places in power.

After all, who is mightier than our God?

Faith Filled Family Magazine would like to thank Amy Dandridge from Starnes Media Group for arranging this interview with us, and to Todd Starnes for shedding light on the subject of the COVID-19 virus.

The full interview can be found in our April 2020 issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine.

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