Why is the Church Divided on COVID and a Vaccine?

Long ago, forbidden topics included politics and church. Now, we have introduced COVID and a vaccine to the mix. Sadly, the church is completely divided on this subject, and scripture tells us not to be. Christ’s bride is to be a unified front. So what is it about this topic that generates such a heated debate?

The Debate

COVID, vaccines

One portion of this debate is that God heals. While scripture says that God heals, why is this such a debate amongst a body of believers? We should be united!

This boils down to our understanding of faith unto itself. Do we have a proper, scriptural grasp on what faith is? Do we just blindly believe, or is there more to this equation than we realize?

Another cause for debate is vaccinations. This one is a two-fold issue. One branch believes that God heals, so there is no need for a vaccine because their faith will keep them whole. If they do get sick, then God will heal them. However, they adamantly believe that they walk in divine health and healing.

While it is scripturally sound, is it scripturally wise? There is a difference. Especially when there are people, because of their faith, who refuse to wear masks.

The other branch of this debate is the fear that the end is near. They believe that the government or some company is embedding a tracking chip into our bodies. They call it “the mark of the beast”. Yet, Google can already track you, so why do we need a microchip implanted in us? Plus, how does it go through such a skinny needle?

Then, there are the conspiracy theorists. Some believe that this is a government hoax intended to elicit fear. They deny the existence of COVID and say that it is nothing more than a common cold. However, we do know that millions of people have already died from this “common cold”.

Others claim that the end is near (mark of the beast), and the government is using it to control us.

What is the Result?

Here is a thought… if Satan wanted to take Christians out, wouldn’t they embed something in every vaccine possible? The likelihood of it being absorbed is far greater than a contentious COVID vaccination. Vaccinations themselves have eliminated many deadly diseases which we are now seeing are on the rise with people refusing to get vaccinated.

The result is a split church. If you have had the vaccine, you are ostracized and put down for your lack of faith. If you haven’t, then you are helping to spread the virus. In some countries, you are prevented from enjoying the activities you once did for the risk of spreading the virus. If you wear a mask, you don’t have faith. If you don’t, you are causing people to get sick.

What should our stance be?

Furthermore, if Satan wanted to cause a real stir, he would be doing exactly what he is doing now… dividing the body of Christ. United we are strong for God, but we are now falling apart. Seems like a good tactic, now, doesn’t it?

Kevin Dustow will discuss in greater depth the division in the church regarding these topics. He will also talk about how we should resolve this issue in the body of believers.

This feature and more in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on August 26, 2021.

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