And does something about it!

Recent statistics have shown that three out of every four teens abandon their faith after high school.  They discovered that the reason for this ongoing trend is that most teens cannot defend their faith, and end up being persuaded by atheistic theologies.  The question then arose: What can we do about it? is responsible for putting on dynamic dynamic, interactive seminars and debates at colleges, high schools, and churches.  Cross Examined’s material discusses four fundamental questions: Does truth exist?  Does God exist? Are miracles possible? and is the New Testament historically reliable?

If these statistics concern you, and you want to know what to do about it, or if you have a teen at home and are concerned, this will be a very informative read.

Further information can be found at  They have some really AWESOME apps as well!

An interview with CrossExamined will be appear in the Special Edition of Faith Filled Family!

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