Low self-esteem can happen for many reasons, but the result of this can hinder a Christian from moving forward into their destiny.  Their mind is clouded with negative thoughts about why they can’t walk out God’s plan for their life, when God is cheering them on saying, “Yes you can!  This is what I created you for, and you will be so happy.”

A lack of healthy self-esteem binds us from God’s best because we feel that we either can’t do it, or aren’t deserving.  In essence, the Devil wins because we lack the boldness to set out in faith.  The Devil can discourage even the healthiest of self concepts by using others to get us off course, and once you really realize who is behind all this negativity, it makes it easier to know what to kick to the curb.

There is a cure for low self esteem and walking confidently in the path that God has chosen, because if God ordained it, you WILL achieve it, and He will be there at every step to guide you.

Learn how to overcome poor self-image in our next issue in the article, “Boosting Self-Esteem”.

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