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#RevivalNow Movement… Will You Be A Part Of It?

#RevivalNow…. It began with a prophetic vision into the spiritual apathy that exists not just in one person’s city, but everywhere across the globe.  Will you be the one to initiate the change? In the dream, she was riding a bus along her city’s main street.  Instead of traffic going in both directions, as is…

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RNC Passes Law Forcing Informed Parental Consent Regarding Sex Ed

RNC Republican National Committee

Recently, the  RNC Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution demanding state lawmakers do more to protect kids from controversial sex education curriculum, and provide parents more of a say in what their children are being taught. The vote itself occurred during their summer meeting last weekend. The Family Research Centre reported Cynthia Dunbar, who is…

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UK Report Encourages Parents to Alter DNA In Fetuses

A recent report from Europe may be opening the door for “designer babies”. The report encourages parents to alter DNA in fetuses if it was in the fetuses best future interest, and did not add to inequalities that already divide society.  But what does this mean, and where do you draw the line? The report…

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Alabama Police Chief's "I Can Only Imagine" Video Goes Viral

I Can Only Imagine

Alabama Police Chief Jason Hepler shot a video of himself lip-syncing MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine“.  The video has subsequently gone viral, drawing 50 million views on Facebook. This video was part of the K94Cops’ Lip Sync Battle initiative, according to WHNT-TV An Alabama police chief’s video of him lip-syncing the Christian song I Can…

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