Reviewed by Michelle C. Danko
Be The Dad She Needs You to Be By Dr, Kevin Leman
ISBN: 978-0-5291-2332-9
Published by: W Publishing Group
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If you are looking to gain a greater understanding of your daughter, or desire a better relationship with her, then this book is a must-read!

“Be The Dad She Needs You to Be” is a very practical book by Dr. Kevin Leman. It offers practical advice to fathers raising their daughters at various age groups, and the importance of fathers playing an active role in their daughter’s lives. His book offers practical advice at the various age groups such as what to do when siblings fight, conflict resolution, building up your daughter’s self-concept (and the importance of it), how to have “the talk”, how to present themselves clothing wise, dating advice, and what type of boy to marry. It takes a dad through the various stages of maturity in his daughter and guides him through it. Not only are the solutions practical and easy to implement, but they are tactful, sensitive, compassionate, and demonstrates to a dad how/when to convey a message effectively. Dr. Leman discusses using “teaching opportunities” to convey messages to your daughter in a way that she understands, and is both effective, and efficient. The book helps fathers to understand their daughters better. It teaches them how to develop a closer, more trusting relationship, and how to be effective communicators without coming across as angry, harsh, or critical.

This book is written in a way that men will find easy to understand and implement. It’s assessments on women are accurate, and it will aid fathers deeply in bonding with their daughters. After reading this book, father’s will gain greater insight into what to do when faced with certain situations, and how to effectively resolve them without losing their temper or acting what teens may feel is “irrational”, “old-fashioned”, or “over-protective”. It gives men the tools needed to help their daughters grow up to be independent, confident women with sound judgment. The only critical element that I really found is that he presents biblical principles, but never quotes scripture, or references God. I felt that he also discussed more of a worldly concept of dating as opposed to a biblical, and I’m not sure that I feel that his presentation on discussing sex with daughters is entirely sound. Parts of it are fine, but other aspects are a little awkward and too personal of a conversation to have with your child.
However, the use of behavior modification techniques are very effective in child rearing, as is the advice on how to treat your wife. Dr. Leman discusses why men should communicate in a suggested manner which gives men greater insight into effective communication with a female, and a deeper understanding.
I would personally give this book a four stars out of five based on the fact that he presents biblical concepts (for the most part) and practical, easy to implement solutions, but fails to draw correlations to scripture. It was a bit too much on the worldly side for me.

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