Recording artist and composer, David Baloche, released his scripture-based debut album, Labyrinth, worldwide on March 24, 2o17.  Labyrinth quickly hit iTunes top 10 Christian & Gospel Chart in its first week at digital retail.  Labyrinth is a unique musical meditation that uses various translations from scripture, and was David’s first project focusing directly on dealing with anxiety and stress.

Labyrinth was executively produced by WILDFIRE7, and father Paul Baloche whom David had collaborated with on Paul’s last release.  David’s new album can be used by listeners ask a tool to enter into personal and corporate prayer with scriptures.  David Baloche additionally plays piano, acoustic guitar, clarinet, trumpet, and almost all the instrumentation on the album- incredibly talented!

Labyrinth features “He Hears My Voice” (based on Psalm 55:16-17), “Nothing Can Separate” (based on  Romans 8:38), “Those Who Hope” (on Isaiah 40:31), and seven additional songs.

“The Labyrinth project isn’t an escape; it’s an encounter… with one’s self and with God,” says David Baloche, who is also a New York City-based artist and high school teacher. “It is a sonic labyrinth, a song experience to prepare for scripture and worship, as if to say, ‘pay attention, we’re headed for something deeper’.”

Father, Paul Baloche, comments, “The promises of God help transform our thinking and calm our souls.  In an anxious and busy world, Labyrinth is a powerful way to experience God’s Word while filling our hearts and minds with His peace through verbatim scripture set to ambient music… allowing us to soak in God’s Word.”

Faith Filled Family Magazine’s Sharon Johnson was privileged to interview David Baloche and his album for our upcoming issue, and David will grace our cover page for this edition.  Our interview will highlight David as a person, as well as his music.

Our next issue comes out June 26, 2017.

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