De’Andre Salter is a visionary who possesses insight into what people need to be empowered for spiritual and financial success.  He is the Senior Pastor of The Tabernacle Church in South Plainfield, New Jersey and is the CEO of Professional Risk Solutions (amongst other ventures).

De’Andre mentors and teaches believers how they can use their abilities to prosper and expand God’s Kingdom.  De’Andre knows what he is talking about in terms of business, as The Tabernacle Church experienced rapid growth, and his business became one of the largest specialty insurance brokerages in the country claiming some influential people and firms as clients.

De’Andre has been profiled on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, UPN and features in numerous popular magazines.  De’Andre has been recognized in 2005 by The Network Journal as one of the top 40 Black Executives in America.

In his interview with Faith Filled Family, De’Andre discusses what it takes to succeed in business from a spiritual standpoint, what to do when you are considering starting a business, why mentoring is important to success, why many businesses fail, and much more!

For those who are business minded, this interview is for you!