December 2019 examines how sometimes our past can taint our future, and what we can do differently

We don’t mean to sabotage our future, but sometimes past experiences or perceptions can cloud our judgment. Fears or insecurities hold us back from achieving true happiness in relationships, promotions, or from walking in our destiny.


We hesitate when we should move forward. We hold back when we should surrender. We put up a wall when we should be vulnerable. These are all examples of how we can prevent ourselves from walking in the fullness of God in our lives. God didn’t mean for anything to hold us back in achieving our destiny, or in having successful, healthy, happy relationships. He didn’t intend for us not to be whole. Yet there are areas of our lives that could be better… if we would only break through that barrier.

Most of the time, we are unaware that we are preventing our success in an area. We challenge you in this issue to examine yourself in some of the following ways:

  1. Have you been passed up for promotion and can’t figure out why? You work hard, your work is meticulous, you are well-qualified, and would do a good job. What could be holding you back? We have two articles that answer this question.
  2. Are you unhappy in your relationships? Can’t find the right person? Or maybe no one seems to “stick around”? Could you be inadvertently keeping people at a distance? Or maybe your past is a factor? We have three articles that address this issue.
  3. Do you seem to lack the energy to get things done? Are you putting things off until tomorrow what you could be doing today? Why do you do this when you know the consequences? We have an answer for you!
  4. Fear of success… Or maybe it’s failure? Could it be? Which one is it… We help you find out what is causing you to sabotage your future success.
  5. Do you feel inadequate? Are you plagued by thoughts that people don’t really like you or you made some kind of mistake while talking to others? Or maybe it’s a past that’s affecting how you relate to others? We have two articles to help you.

The list goes on, but these are just some ways that we tend to sabotage things in our life… and we may not even know it!

We hope that you are blessed by our December issue. We have interviews with Phil Vischer (VeggieTales) and musician Jason Gray. We have also included some Christmas themed articles as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our readers for supporting us through these nine (almost ten!) years of business. It is our hope that our articles help you, encourage you, and draw you closer to God each month.

As we end our 2019 season, we would like to wish each individual family a Merry Christmas. We pray that your holidays are filled with laughter, life, merriment, joy, family… and of course, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

All the best from the leadership and staff of Faith Filled Family Magazine!

Our December issue can be found here.

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