The Definition Of Love Isn’t Feelings, But Commitment

Feel like you’ve lost that feeling of love and all you experience is either emptiness or discontent?

The truth is- and no one ever tells you as a child- happily ever after is a myth, but it’s something we buy into. It isn’t just perpetuated throughout our childhood through the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and many animated movies. We see it as adults in almost every single romantic movie to ever exist, and search for that euphoric feeling of “love”.

Couples, in these movies, are supposed to fall in love with each other because they are perfect for each other. You watch them make mistakes, fumble around, and blow their opportunities only to know that, in the end, they will be together forever in wedded bliss.

Because they are perfect for each other?

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His weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. They compliment each other, and they look great together. They complete each other. We experience the same thing when we are courting our spouse. We fit together so perfectly that we can’t fathom a life without our husband/wife by our sides.

It’s the reason that we get married.

However, after the honeymoon is over, and life settles in, things may look/feel quite different. Couples learn to adjust to one another, and must work cohesively in order to make the marriage work. The success or demise of the relationship does not rest solely on one person, but collectively.

Eventually, that “loving feeling” (also called infatuation) dissipates. Couples learn that happily ever after requires work, and will deepen into a mature love for one another. But success requires two things: hard work and commitment.

Jen Ervig discusses what biblically loving your spouse looks like, and the seasons that every marriage faces. She will discuss how marriages can mature and deepen through these seasons, and how to overcome many common obstacles that couples may encounter.

Ready to have your marriage taken to a new level?

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The Definition Of Love Isn't Feelings, But Commitment


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