In past issues, we’ve learned about operating in the supernatural realm, and even taking authority over demons.  However, our knowledge of the demonic goes deeper than our knowledge that we do have an enemy who we need to rebuke on a constant basis.  Satan operates on three distinct levels: demonic possession, demonic oppression, and vexation (which isn’t commonly discussed).

So What Do The Three Levels Entail?

Demonic Possession:

demonicDemonic Possession is when a demon actually takes control over a human being.  It controls their thoughts and actions.  It causes them to inflict harm on themselves.  Demonic possession is usually prevalent in unbelievers as a demon cannot be in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  And while Hollywood paints a picture of a growly, scowley, snarling beast, dealing with a demon is usually far from the case.

There is usually no levitation, no rotating of heads, no green spew, and no horrifying show.  It is just casting a demon out (sometimes continually) until it is removed.  It is also ensuring that the Word of God is on the inside of the person, and the demons can return… and bring more demons.

Demonic Oppression:

Demonic Oppression can occur in believers and non-believers.  It is when a person is in bondage to a certain thing and needs deliverance.  A person can be financially oppressed by a spirit, and Satan can choose to oppress multiple areas in a person’s life.  Oppression is simply not being allowed to advance in an area, or take our rightful place as God’s children.

Demonic Vexation:

This is a form of harassment.  It is having a constant, annoying stream of demonic chatter over a certain area of your life.  It can be negative self-talk that a person is overweight, thoughts of low self-worth, or anything that puts you down.  In vexation, the devil comes at you with constant nattering.  Guilt and condemnation are common feelings in this phase.  Most people who are being plagued by this just want freedom from the annoying thoughts that are bombarding their minds continually.

Why should you know the difference between the three?  Because sometimes we are praying the wrong way, and we become discouraged when nothing happens.  We can pray for someone to be delivered from suicidal thoughts.  We can instruct them to take these thoughts captive, in Jesus’ name.  However, without discernment to know that a demon is involved, we may be praying for deliverance when we should be casting a demon out.

We many also believe that God has forsaken us because we aren’t seeing a breakthrough, that God’s Word is a lie (because it isn’t manifesting), or that we must persevere a very lengthy time of trial when we are simply being oppressed.  The key to moving in this realm is discernment in operation because if it isn’t, we may be missing something that is very important either in our lives, or in the lives of others.

Our January issue combines both teachings on what we were never taught about deliverance from the demonic and how Satan operates.  We will expose Satan’s “stealth modes” of operating so that you can walk in the victory that you were created for.

The New Year should be a time of new beginnings, and hopefully free from all of the bondages from the past.  Our next issue comes out on December 27, 2018.


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