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Men may joke about a woman’s place being in the kitchen… which usually results in piercing glares from their wives and an arched eyebrow coupled by the unsaid question of, “What did you just say?”  The husband, who just realized that he took the joke a little bit too far, repents to his lovely wife and seeks to do “damage control” which is usually the only remedy for the “foot in mouth” syndrome.

But what if he wasn’t joking or what he was saying was the truth in their home?

There are many men who still believe that a man is head of their household- and abuse this term biblically.  They take the word “submission” to mean that his wife has to do everything he says- without question.  He becomes demanding, barks out orders, he bosses her around the house, treats her like an inferior… and wonders why she isn’t happy.  It’s what the Bible says, isn’t it?

The truth is that demanding, domineering husbands just succeed in either breaking their wives’ spirit, or the wife begins to lash out at the treatment.  Husbands should never treat their wives with this type of disrespect as it only breeds disharmony in the home.

Men, learn how to communicate lovingly to your wife without being demanding or bossy.  Discover why using these harsh demanding tactics on your wife only results in bitterness and how you were meant to treat your wife.  The Bible does say that a wife is to submit to her husband (as he is the head of the house), but she is not required to be submissive.

Also ladies, we will try to work on the “foot in mouth” issue, too!

All this and more in our next issue on what your spouse wishes you knew coming out on February 26th.

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