Demonic Activity: The Hollywood Scene

We’ve all seen the Exorcist- or at least heard of it.  It’s where a demon possesses a little girl, and terrifies both a parent and a priest.  Audiences are at the edge of their seats writhing in fear at this horrific display of power coming from a demon and rooting for the priest to cast it out of this unfortunate child.  We see all of these spectacular displays of satanic power which we associate with the Devil.  We conclude, at some level, that this is what Satan is truly like- a formidable foe- but Hollywood got it horribly wrong.

demonic activityThere is an incredible slew of horror movies coming out, and one always ends up outdoing another in terms of special effects.  They are all designed for horrify you, and get your adrenaline pumping.  While we all claim to know how to discern fantasy from fiction, at some base level, we have concluded that Satan wields these incredible powers over us, making him a larger than life being- and this is not so.  At all.

Hollywood wouldn’t sell very many movies if Lucifer were actually portrayed as he truly was: defeated.  Sure, to those who don’t know the authority given to them by Christ he can be horrifying.  If you don’t know your authority and how to use it, he will plague your dreams, thoughts, and many of us actually do witness demonic activity (see demons).  Satan can possess a person (always an unbeliever) and oppress them (believer).  However, when you know that Satan was stripped of all power by the death and resurrection of Christ, then he has no power over you.  He has been defeated.  The only control he has over you is what you speak, and he feeds off of your fear.  No more.  If you aren’t afraid, watch what you say, and exercise authority, you render him helpless over your life.  You end up calling him for what he is: a thief, a liar, and a cheat.

Demonic Activity: Bible Style

Deanne Williams discusses how to take our authority over powers and principalities, and how to exercise your authority properly over Satan in all areas.  She will also talk about why it is important that believers completely understand this area of their spiritual life, as scripture tells us that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.

To not know how to exercise your authorities leaves you vulnerable in this area.  And who wants that?

Learn how to disarm Satan’s attacks, halt demonic activity, and laugh in the face of the enemy in our April issue coming out on March 26th, 2018!


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