All of us would say, “Christ”… but not all of us have experienced the depths of being engulfed in a pit of despair, drowning in your own tears, crying out to God for your own survival.  Many of us have experienced bad, but not all have experienced truly broken or depression.

For those that have experienced broken, the difference in the outcome is in how we handle it.  Most of us who are in Christ will surrender to Him knowing that He has a greater purpose, and all things work together for our good- even when we don’t understand.  We dig into Him, and take refuge.  We experience the comfort, and the peace that surpasses all understanding no matter what we are going through.

depressionThe other side of the spectrum is what we have seen in media.  Depression has run so rampant, in today’s society, as pressures mount, and our inability to cope dwindles.  Many of us become weary fighting the good fight, and some of us don’t know how to fight back.  Too many people have given up on life, or lost it all together.  Too many have turned from their faith- angry at God and the world.  There have been too many school shootings based on feelings of despair, and too many lives have been lost.

We know what depression, sadness, anxiety and suicide all look like.  We know the clinical diagnosis, and the medical outcome.  We know what the world says… but what about help from the Bible?  The world isn’t telling Christians or anyone what God says in this matter.  This is where the true healing begins.

If you find yourself experiencing a case of “the blues”, anxiety, or depression, know that you are not alone.  Our next issue is to help you overcome these feelings with the help of God.  We will teach you how God can make a difference in your life, and how your happiness can be restored once again.  We will lead you through topics such as dealing with grief, freedom from addictions that arise from depression, and how to help someone that is going through a tough time… just to name a few topics!

Our next issue comes out on August 27, 2018!

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