The Destiny Empowerment Seminar is the nation’s leading Christian conference for those looking to rediscover their passion and purpose, and step into their God-given calling.
Participants are challenged to take a chance and stop reflecting about what they should be doing, and actively do it.  It is a seminar for those who feel stuck or lost, but have a dream in their heart.  Attendees will feel uplifted, and will leave with tools and resources to get you “unstuck”.
According to their website, the Destiny Empowerment Seminar will teach you how to:
➔Address why you haven’t moved forward with a dream or a business
➔Understand why Noah from the Bible thought like an entrepreneur should
➔Discover why over promising is killing your consciousness and keeping you complacent
➔Why fear of failure holds many of us back but skyrockets others, like Oprah and Walt Disney
➔How negative self-talk becomes traits of those who wish but don’t do
➔and so much more.
Pastor Keion Henderson is the founder and pastor of The Lighthouse Church, and CEO of Tax Solution.  He was the creator of the Destiny Empowerment Seminar.  The conference features business leaders, authors, celebrities, government officials and other high profile figures that have powerful testimonies of  those whom God has prospered.  Christians are shown how to advance to the next phase in their lives.
This year’s event takes place October 21-22, 2016.  Further information and registration can be viewed here.

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