Tired of being harassed by the Devil?  His continual bombardment can wear a believer down.  

The Devil can continually attack for several reasons:

  1. A Door Is Open.  Sin gives place for Satan to enter into our lives.  Sin pushes us further from a God who desires that we live a life in victory and far from sin.  But when we choose sin over God, it gives Satan a foothold into our lives.
  2. Occult Activity.  There is no such thing as “dabbling” in the occult, nor can the word, “Christian”, be combined with occult practices.  There is no such thing as a Christian witch, Christian medium, etc.  When we attempt to add God into the mix, we are diluting right from wrong.  God cannot be in the presence of something that is sinful, which only leaves you with one alternative: Satan.  Is this where you want to be?
  3. Not Knowing The Word.  The Bible contains our instructions as to how to overcome every situation.  Jesus endured every form of temptation known to man- He bore it all.  There is nothing that He hasn’t experienced.  But we often forget this.  When we don’t know scripture, we can’t walk in victory.  We simply don’t know how to battle Satan, and don’t know what we don’t know.  We become “sitting ducks” to something that wants to take us away from our faith.
  4. Attacks Come To Those In Leadership.  If Satan can take out a leader/ministry that is on fire for Christ, he successfully eliminates that ministry.  It will fall, and Satan will win.
  5. Our Words.  Satan can only act on what we say, which is why Scripture tells us to guard our hearts.  What we meditate on goes into our heart, and what is in our heart- all the frustrations- comes out of our lips.  If we aren’t mindful, Satan can act on these words and cause our fears to become a reality.

There are other reasons for attack, and they are numerous.  These are the more common reasons.

John Lysaught discusses how Satan attains a foothold into the life of a believer through temptation, accusations, deceptions, and torment.  He teaches believers how to guard themselves against the wiles of the Devil, and how to close the door if he has gained access.

This feature and many more in our January issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on December 27th.

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