< style="text-align: center;">Dignity Revolution: Standing Up for the Value of Every Person
Written By: Bob Lenz with Deborah L. Tackmann
Reviewed By: Michelle C. Danko
Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9856716-3-1
Publisher: Life Promotions, Inc.
Price: $15.00 USD

Dignity Revolution centers on the topic of bullying, and discusses the topic of self-worth. It says that everyone has worth and should be treated with dignity. Unfortunately, we live in a society that values conformity more than it should, and places less emphasis on individuality. As much as most of us, especially teens, like to believe that we are individuals, we still conform to society in what we wear, and our thoughts governing behavior. At a glance we have the ability to “read” someone’s personality and form opinions without one word being uttered just by the way they act, interact, wear, they work, or who they hang around with.
Dignity Revolution states that we don’t have to be so heavily influenced by society that consistently tells us that we don’t measure up and in the process we loose our self-esteem. It also says that we shouldn’t fight injustice with hate, but rather put our past behind us and transform our world. It tells readers that they have value, and are worthy of respect. It also goes through why we should initiate our own dignity revolution, and very accurately goes through four reasons as to how our society has failed us in the area of bullying. The underlying issue is that we dehumanize people, and we don’t respect individuals that don’t fall into the “norm” of society’s parameters.
This book answers questions such as why people bully others, and then begins to discuss “the revolution”.
The Dignity Revolution consists of a pledge to treat others with honor and respect. It is transforming your character into a godly one, and treating others the way Jesus would. The book itself has scarce scriptural references, however if you examine the pledge, it outlines the fruit of the spirit.
For students, this book challenges them to a 21 day challenge to renew their minds and reform their actions towards others. It also gives them life skills in handling challenging situations wherein critical decisions must be made and standing up for others- without violence. It also discusses with students how to prevent bullying.
The last chapter contains a very informative section devoted to teachers and parents to help reduce bullying which are all listed in the appendix. It includes a “how to” section in dealing with both the bully and the victim.

Dignity Revolutions is a very engaging and informative book overall and challenges our way of thinking. It does not promote an aggressor-victim dichotomy, but rather places emphasis on both our thinking (how we’ve been taught to think) and society as a whole. We all know that bullying is wrong, however, we really all engage is a subtle form of it every time we judge someone based on outer appearances, behaviors, and mannerisms without truly getting to know them. We judge anyone who falls outside of society’s norm as “not measuring up” and whether our actions are outward behavior or inward thoughts, we are still bullying.
Dignity Revolution takes a fresh look at the topic and makes it relatable to the reader whether it is a student, teacher, or parent. It discusses bullying in a light that no one has considered, and offers practical steps to changing our attitudes about others. The most insightful thing that I gained from the book (although I did gain many insights from the book) was that we don’t treat ALL people with dignity. If we are honest with ourselves, we really don’t treat others with the kindness and love that we ourselves expect to receive. We have an accept me for who I am attitude, but we don’t live up to the same standard for others. We have them judged before we even get to know them, and this really isn’t godly in character. We don’t treat people like they are valuable all the time- especially when anger is involved- yet we should.
It took a courageous author to point out that our society has gone so far past where we should be in treating others, and we have become to “me” centered in our pursuits at the expense of others.

I would highly recommend this book as it is both insightful and practical. It will leave you with a feeling of being empowered and full of hope because it gives you the tools for change. It tells readers that they are valued, and are worthy of respect. It tells the readers that they are real people, not possessions, and that they are worthy of so much more in life.

Many thanks to Gina Adams from The Adams Group for allowing us to review such an enlightening book!