Most people will acknowledge and angels and demons do, in fact exist.  However, how many people actually see demons?

We are quick to say we feel an evil presence, but not so eager to admit that we may see one for fear that we just may be labelled as “crazy”.  So, we close our eyes to the supernatural and block out what God has allowed us to see for our protection to take authority over.  That is, until our eyes are opened.

The supernatural exists, but the only really scary thing about it is what comes out of Hollywood.  Demons and angels are real, and every believer can see them- if they want to.  Children, who haven’t been taught to “filter out” these images see them often, however as adults, we dismiss it as an “imaginary friend”.

Once we open our spiritual eyes and see into the supernatural, most believers begin to wonder which are the angels, which are the demons, and how to know the difference.  Our June issue will tackle just that question and explain the importance of testing spirits.