We know that God spoke the world into existence, and that there is power in the spoken word.  However, do you know that there is power over your thoughts as well?

Our thought life, and what we choose to meditate on shapes our future.  It acts as a seed, and if watered (meditated on) it will sprout forth (what we say) and produce the very outcome that we are attempting to avoid.  We justify it under the guise of “being prepared for the worst-case scenario”, but really, it’s negative self-talk.   It ends up shaping our reality and becomes who we are: negative and critical.

To overcome this, a believer must internalize scripture which tells you who you are in Christ, and the promises of God.  Once you know your identity in Christ, you are able to conquer the wiles of the enemy who will come against you and bombard your mind with negative thoughts.  These negative thoughts end up generating fear or disillusionment in Christians.  Satan will bombard your mind with anything and in any area of your thought life.  This is where renewing your mind becomes hard, and something that believers need to be prepared for when changing from a negative thought pattern to a positive.  The journey is worth it, but the road is hard!

Most believers quit after they fail a few times.  From my own experience, when I decided to renew my mind, Satan would bombard me with thoughts in the wee hours of the morning.  While I was sleeping, I would wake up with a wave of fear and dread.  Negative thoughts and scenarios would go racing through my mind causing great anxiety.  While being bombarded and awakened from sleep grew tiring, I was able to navigate through the bombardment on my mind.  Yet as soon as I had mastered it, the tactic changed.

Now there were bad dreams, and every night I lived out horrible scenarios.  Satan wasn’t willing to relent.  I failed a few times as I unintentionally gave into fear.  Yet I knew that I couldn’t give in.  I refused to go back to living in fear, anxiety, negativity, and being critical.

Missy Munsion will take you on the journey from renewing your mind to the thoughts of God, and how to successfully overcome Satan trying to take over your thought life.  Learn how to fight back and win!  You deserve to have a positive future, and a positive mind.

Learn how in our next issue coming out on June 26, 2017!


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