Or maybe it’s someone who just oozes negativity.  You know the type… they just have a harshness about them.  Maybe it’s a critical spirit.  Where does it come from???

Would you be shocked to discover that it’s all in what you say and even think?

Negativity and being critical begins with our inner dialogue and spews outward.  Sometimes it’s an inner battle, but mostly, after awhile, begins to infect others.  Negativity is like a cold- it can be contageous, and no one wants to live in such an uncomfortable environment.

What do you interact with someone who never has anything nice to say?  Who never experiences any joy?

Or perhaps it’s you, and you are searching for that joy in your life that has evaded you for so long.

You can stop being critical… it’s NOT who you are!

Learn how to walk in victory in this area in our Winter 2014 issue!