If you said no, or had any pause/reservation, you may need to know how God sees you, and who you are in Christ.

The answer to the challenge that was posted last week did not come from the readers, who did express quite an interest, but through God who clearly instructed me to write on this topic.  I hope that many of you will be blessed by this weekly installment.

These posts are separate from the magazine, and are for your own reflection and growth.  We all need to be encouraged and lifted up at some point.  It is my desire to set many people free from bondage that they are facing in their lives, and ultimately to help our readers break through the lies that the enemy has told them, and guide them towards truth.  It is through truth that we see victory, and we were never to lead a life less than that.

How long will this series be?  I don’t know.  Only God does.  Pray for God to guide my hand as I write about this topic on a weekly basis, and pray for His anointing to fall upon me.

Here is a prelude to the first in a series of many:  Why is it important to know who we are in Christ?  How does God See us?  Why are we so special?

Many Christians are taught to read their Bibles, pray, and have a relationship with God, but when it comes to really knowing who they are in Christ, we often fall short, or don’t pursue it to the extent that we should.  If we, as Christians, truly knew who we were in Christ, and believed it- not just with our head, but with our heart- then things in our lives would look very differently in our lives.

How would our lives be different?

We Would Feel God’s Love

It would be difficult not to feel love when someone continually tells you that They love you (Ephesians 5:1,2, Romans 5:5, 1 Corinthians 13;13, 1 John 4:9, Romans 8: 38-39), you were created with a purpose, you are unique and special (Psalms 139:14), you are blessed, you are prosperous, you are loved unconditionally  (Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:4-7)… and the list goes on.  How could you not feel special and complete when your Father in Heaven tells you how precious you really are?  Once you know how much God loves you, you begin to feel complete, healing from past hurts begins, and you begin to feel whole again.

If you are still dealing with past hurts, if these scriptures bring a tear to your eyes, then maybe you need to hear how loved you are, how special you are, and how precious you are in His sight.  Other people’s words/actions can be hurtful.  Past experiences can bring pain, but it is the love of God that brings healing and wholeness to the broken.

We Would have Self-Confidence

Yes, people’s words can hurt, as can negative experiences.  However, most people do not mean to hurt you.  Sometimes we say things out of anger, frustration, or hurt.  However, when you know who you are in Christ, the negative words expressed by others do not have an effect on your self-esteem.  You do not believe that you are not loved, cared for, are not worthy, etc.  You know that you are loved; you know who you are, and what you were created to be that when someone puts you down, you can turn to the Bible and know that you are not whatever you was declared over you.

For example, if someone were to say that you would never amount to anything.  You could turn to scripture and know that God created you with a plan and purpose, that as long as you have a relationship with Christ, He will guide your path, that you are blessed, and that God will bless whatever you put your hands to.  God doesn’t create someone to be a nothing.  He created us to further His kingdom, and for His glory.  Anyone who tells you that you can’t be who God called you to be, and do what God has called you to do is being manipulated (unknowingly) by Satan.

Self-confidence doesn’t come from man praising you, but by having a firm foundation in who you are in Christ because man’s opinion changes depending on the circumstance.  God’s opinion of you never changes.

We Would Develop a Strong Foundation

Knowing who you are in Christ is building a strong foundation in which other things flow.  It is important to know who you are and have a relationship with Christ if you want to walk in wisdom, and make good decisions.  This way, you won’t be swayed by what other’s think because everyone will try to offer you advice – but it may not be God’s advice for you.

Having a strong foundation enables you to have healthy relationships.  If you desire to get married and find the person that God has selected from you, then being whole in Christ is important.  Being whole will tell you that you don’t need someone else to complete you, that God’s love is sufficient, that you are not dependant on anyone else for your happiness, etc.

Knowing this will enable you to avoid common pitfalls that many people fall into.  You will avoid relationships that are abusive, negative, or unhealthy.  You will not be drawn to people who will bring you down, use, or manipulate you.  These hurting people will not have any effect on you, and you will recognize them for what they are.

These are just a few reasons as to why we need to know who we are in Christ, how God sees us, and why we are so special in His eyes.  It isn’t enough to know it in your head.  It isn’t enough to just know the scriptures and be able to recite them.  You NEED to get them in your heart.  You NEED to know them for yourself.  You NEED to feel how much God loves you, and how special you are.  Every believer needs to know this.  It is important, and you need to hear it often.

Do you need to feel that you are loved, valued, or special?  Do you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or have a lack of confidence?  Do you need to know that your life has a purpose?  That there is a plan for you and God will make it come to pass no matter what?  That God will always be for you when others are against you?  That even if your past has been less than glorious, and you are hurting, that there is hope and healing?  Do you need to know that you can be whole again?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you need to know who you are in Christ and what you have been created for.  In this series (which is separate from the magazine), we will explore things such as God’s love, how God sees us, and His promises.  We will answer questions that everyone has asked at some point… Why do I exist?  Why was I created?  What is the plan/purpose for my life?  Why am I not seeing it?  What am I entitled to as a Christian?  Why is being a Christian special?  Why would I want to be a Christian?  Why is life better being in Christ than in the world?

This series just may be for you.  I look forward to revealing the first topic in this series on Friday.

Be blessed, and know that God loves you… unconditionally.

Michelle Danko- Publisher[/box_light]