For countries founded on biblical principles, these same principles are being eroded by current legislation.  Everyone wants to be heard, and have their rights protected.  However, what about the Christian’s rights?  What about our fundamental beliefs?  We used to be a majority, and now we are fighting to be heard in a world that seemingly wants to silence us.

If we refuse to stand up and speak out, what future are we leaving for the next generation?  How have past decisions framed today’s reality?  What world will YOUR children grow up in, and how will they grow up?

More importantly, will they know Christ if we leave things as they are because we are too afraid to stand up for the things of God?

Change begins now.

“Keeping the Faith” discusses what our future will look like if we don’t find our voice, and use it now.  It discusses the effects of legislation against biblical principles and the erosion of our belief system.

What will you stand for?