For those of you who enjoyed or were impacted by Left Behind, you will want to see Left Behind 2.

Cloud Ten Pictures is looking to film the second movie in the series, but needs a little help quickly from their fans. They have set up a campaign (below) on Indiegogo in hopes of securing enough money to go into producing this impactful film.

In speaking with David Heimbecker, who is the VP of Marketing for Cloud Ten Pictures, he said that it is of the utmost importance to Cloud Ten Pictures to create a family-friendly movie that is true to the Bible.

The driving passion behind this series is the reality that the end times are near and Christians need to be ready.

Left Behind brings the book of Revelation to life as it asks the question: What would life be like when Jesus comes? It also asks the question as to whether the person is ready for the inevitable.

Please help Cloud Ten Pictures with your donations and help impact the world for Christ.