Close your eyes…. Now imagine being surrounded in total pitch black darkness.  In the distance you hear the painful, horrific, constant gnashing of teeth and the sorrows of weeping.  Your nostrils are filled with the aroma of fire and brimstone.

All day and all night you will have no rest.  There is no escaping the constant torment and torture that is plaguing all aspects of your being.  Your are in an uncomfortably hot place, yet there is no water to quench your thirst.

And then, there is the second death…

Most unbelievers don’t consider Hell because they don’t acknowledge that God exists.  Yet scripture clearly outlines what Hell is like… Downright unpleasant and painful!  It is torture 24-7 until the second death.  Then you are gone forever.

Can we afford to let even one soul perish?  It certainly isn’t God’s design!  Find out in “Hell is a sentence to death… An Eternal One” as to what Hell is like, why no one should go there, and how to save souls from this terrible fate worse than the most painful death.


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