DreamingSimcha Natan surprised me with the release of her latest album, Dreaming, the high quality of her songs and the musical arrangements. Worship at its best.  Her music leads you into the presence of God, is never distracting and comes with a perfect blend of both harmony and style.

I had never heard of Simcha before, so I was eager to visit her website and was touched by this versatile artist who not only produces heavenly music but also makes beautiful paintings.

Her music is, as her paintings, a cry for beauty and peace in a world that is torn apart by strife and worldliness. This world knows enough destruction, so let’s show them a little bit of heaven. Simcha succeeds in this mission.

I understand her music is the first of three extended-play compilations in a project consisting of a book, music, devotionals and watercolour artwork that explore a common theme; “being willing to wrestle with God for more from a position of rest.”

What more could we want? Simcha gives us the whole deal in Dreaming.


Wake: The first song in Dreaming is Wake: a gentle worship song in which the music splashes and gurgles through my heart and leaves me with a sense of joy.

Rest: Then comes the song Rest. The title says it all. I am lying on a green meadow and my eyes follow the birds that soar overhead, telling me of God’s glory and love. Beautiful is the soft choir of children (angels) that caresses my heart and brings it peace. But wait? What is that? I am still in the meadows, but I am not longer in Holland, my native country… I am now on the Savannah’s of Africa. Somehow, and very soft, the freedom and vastness of faraway places enter my soul.

Overcome: The music starts a bit more upbeat, but the gentle flow of God’s love is still very tangible. I lift my hands in worship and praise. Thank you, my beautiful Saviour.

Breath: The last song of the four. The song starts off with gentle piano play, soon to be followed by Simcha’s longing voice. Worship at its best, and especially good for a time of private mediation and worship.


I enjoyed these songs very much. It’s clear that Simcha put her whole heart in her music and her music is worthy of your time and attention. Be sure to also take a look at her beautiful paintings, as I am sure you may be surprised as I was.  The only difficulty I had was that in some parts the meaning of her words was harder to hear and I had to resort to headphones. It’s not a big deal as most of her songs are easy to follow, but it’s an issue I have with a lot of the worship music that comes out today, and maybe, that’s just me. But overall, on a scale of 10, I would give this a steady 9 for Dreaming.

Dreaming is available through all major digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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