How Many Followers Do You Have? Does It Define Who You Are As A Leader?

These days, in social media land, everyone is on a daily race to get more followers.  Most would agree that the more followers you have, the greater impact you can make. So it’s kind of a big deal.  Especially for you, if you’re working to impact the Kingdom.


You can’t be a leader unless someone is following you.  Some of us are leaders by default.  For example, let’s say you’re a mom, dad, or a grandparent.  You have people who depend on your leadership daily. Even as a parent, you must attract your children to your leadership.  Yes, even children choose to follow you (there are tons of rebels out there!).

For it is written in Ephesians 6:4 that even as you train a child, you must not provoke your child.  In essence, provoking comes across as being very unattractive.  The same is true outside of your home.  Perhaps you have been appointed as a leader or you run your own company or ministry.  Followers always have a choice and you still need to attract them.

And nothing attracts followers more than their perceived attraction of you. And that flow of attraction depends on you.

But maybe you’re saying, its what’s on the inside that counts.  That is so true.  Which is why I wanted to share with you the relationship between your message and the level of perceived attractiveness. I have seen so many ministries who had great intentions and an awesome message.  But no attraction.  They didn’t invest in a nice website, or even spellchecker!

The bottom line is this: Your message can be stellar, but if you tank on perceived attraction, you could tank on followers.

Maybe you’re still thinking, “Well, if people know my ministry, then it doesn’t matter how my ministry looks”. I would argue that God is a Grade A God who produces Grade A work (such as yourself).  Therefore, you should produce Grade A work.

In closing, God didn’t give you your message to put it under a rock.  Yet, when you fail to give some attention to your presentation, it’s just as if you slid his greatest project under a big, heavy rock. He wants the world to see you, so that they can also hear you.  And to expand your impact, you must be sure to pay attention to these aspects.

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