We have all heard it before- video games have a negative effect on our children.

According to Racheal Kowert PHD, we should be checking out games to see if they are negatively affecting our child’s life.

Rachael is taking on the topic of ” The Video Debate,’ unraveling the physical and psychological effects of video games,”

The research on video games and their effects has been a mixed perspective. Some games have a negative effect, but there are ones with a positive effect as well, depending on the game.

Kowbert believes that video games should be scrutinized- just like film and television shows.

When asked about games, violence and their correlation, it cannot be completely ruled out and to keep in mind, pertaining to violence and its effects, genetics and personality traits.

Our two cents;

As far as games go, parents need to use their best judgment. You know your children like no other.  You need to ask yourself how they handle situations, and are they easily influenced.

Monitor the video games for violence, bad language, and read the ratings on the games. Stay involved in your children’s decision making.

Our Prayer:

Our Heavenly Father we pray for guidance as we try to do the best for our children as they grow up in an ever changing world. We pray that you give us the teachings to show our children their way to you. In Jesus name we pray.


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