“Just let it go, already!”

Easier said than done.

Emotional wounds often hurt the most for two reasons:

  1. Often, they are said by people who we love and care about.
  2. They can hurt because they are said by our peers repeatedly in a bullying capacity designed to erode our self-worth.

In both cases, the individual is looking for either love, acceptance, or approval.

When a person that you care about makes critical comments, it hurts because the message conveyed is that you are not worthy, and you are not loved.  It implies that something is wrong with you, and if the verbal barrage continues, self-esteem is quickly eroded as the person tends to internalize the words said.

Additionally, forgiveness can be very challenging when you are living with a person who is critical/abusive towards you.  It is easy to avoid a toxic person outside of the home.  You can switch jobs, avoid them, don’t answer their calls, etc.  You have direct control over the situation.  If it’s in the home, however, it’s an entirely different situation.  It isn’t easily escapable, and erodes a person spiritually after awhile.

Healing from these wounds is more than, “Just getting over it.”.  Conversely, we shouldn’t wallow in our own despair or pity party- it’s not productive either.

Our June issue discusses how a person can gain victory over emotional abuse, bullying, and toxic people.  It is possible, but it takes a very concentrated effort.

We will teach you not only how to handle toxic people and relationship, but will also teach you how to regain your self-esteem and realign your thinking to view yourself as God sees you.

You may not be able to change the other person, but you can change yourself, and how you react.  Oftentimes, just by changing ourselves, the other person changes as well.

Our June issue comes out May 26, 2017.

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