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‘Encounter’ The Neverclaim’s newest album

‘Encounter’ is a soulful live worship album, from The Neverclaim, created to enhance the listeners worship experience. Several songs on this album are conservative and quiet, perfect for individual worshiping moments. However, other songs are full of high energy and make for the perfect Sunday jam session. Encounter is the group’s first full-length live worship album. Be sure to purchase on September 30th, you will not be disappointed!
Songs on Album: 
Our God Wins: The song to this album song very powerful.  This song would be a great worship song for all ages. It is a song of faith and belief, as in Deuteronomy 20:1-4, ‘Our God Wins’ reminds the listener that God wins in all circumstances. With the lyrics “I will stumble, I will fall, but He will hold me through it all” the listener becomes empowered, making this a great worship song for all ages.
Testimony:  This song is about how we as Christians are testimonies to God. It is a reminder to use ourselves to give glory to God, and to shine a light on Him.
Through Christ: This song is one of the best worship songs on this album in my opinion because the music has a soulful rhythm that relaxes the body and the soul making it a great connection song.  It is a quiet song reminding us of who we are and how through Christ we will never be defeated. “If Jesus is for us, who can be against us?”
Encounter: Encounter is song to praise the Lord and welcome him into our hearts. As Christians, we strive to encounter Him on a daily basis, and this song is a great worship song to get that message across. Sometimes we need His presence to be reminded of the great Lord we serve.
Where You Are: “Let Your Presence Fall.” Where You Are is a great song for reminding us to reach out for help when we need it. Where He is, is where we as Christians need to be. This is a very powerful song as well because of the message it is portraying.
Breathe: This is a remake from the original song by Jonny Diaz and has been on the radio for over a year now I really enjoyed the modern twist. I am really glad The Neverclaim decided to place this song on this album. This is a classic worship song reminding us that we can not do it alone and that the true power comes from within.
Man of Sorrows: The album begins to pick back up with this song. “Man of Sorrows was His name.” This worship song is about how Jesus is our victory. This song has a great message with a great backbeat.
Rules and Reigns: Rules and Reigns is another high energy song on the album! The vocals and lyrics in this song are fantastic. “He is mercy and love everlasting.” A perfect verse to follow the message of this song is Psalm 47:8 “God reigns over the nations, God sits on His holy throne.”
Touch the Sky: Along with several other songs on this album, I knew this song as soon as it began to play because it was a Hillsong original. Touch the Sky is a great worship song about how through prayer you can touch the “sky” regardless of the circumstance. Great reminder of how surrendering all to Christ changes life tremendously.
How Great Thou Art: This is the final song on this album, and by far my favorite. I really enjoyed the twist on this song because the music is relatable to the younger generation. The vocals match the lyrics perfectly. “The sings my soul, my Savior, God to Thee. How great Thou art.” Such a classic hymn!
The Neverclaim

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Positives: I really enjoyed this album and the messages presented in each song. You can tell from the vocals and music that this band really has it all together because of the accurate lyrics and message as well as the excellent vocals and band. I look forward to hearing more about them in the future.
Negatives: Overall, I really enjoyed the album but personally on some of the songs, I enjoyed the original versions better because they are hymns that I grew up singing on a regular basis on Sunday’s. I am however, very excited that they chose to do a modern day twist on these classics because each of these songs portray great messages. Find the album on iTunes.
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