The documentary uses Belgium’s 15 year history of doctor assisted suicides to highlight the implications of euthanasia laws, and to act as a warning globally.

Nashville, Tennessee- New documentary, The Euthanasia Deception, is a one-hour movie that explores Belgium’s experience with euthanasia.  This movie is said to be thought-provoking, emotionally gripping, and act as a warning to the rest of the world who is considering engaging in assisted suicide.
The documentary features powerful testimonies from Belgium and beyond of those devastated with false ideology of a “mercy killing”.
It exposes three main deceptions of euthanasia:

  1. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are forms of compassion for the terminally ill.
  2. Myth of autonomy
  3. Government safeguards can protect the vulnerable.

The Euthanasia Deception uses analysis from medical and legal professionals to reveal the long-term implications of assisted suicide laws.  It proves that anyone can become vulnerable when death is handed over to those who make law.
Numerous people give their testimonies during the interview such as Professor Tom Mortier whose depressed mother terminated her life without his knowledge.  “Hendrick” describes his story about his grandfather’s death hastened without request.  “James” regrets his family’s pressure to euthanize his severely disabled daughter.  “Mark” tells his testimony who, as an MS survivor, is appreciative that there was no law permitting him to die when he was diagnosed.  Also, a nurse called, “Kristina” recollects her remorse over participating in assisted suicide.
The release of The Euthanasia Deception marks the launch of a global resistance movement called  Caring Not Killing uses the power of film and social media to counter arguments and laws for euthanasia.
The movie will be available September 12th

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