What will you be remembered for when you die? As we grow older, we begin to reflect more on what we would have liked to have done, versus what we have accomplished so far.

As we hit middle age, we begin to evaluate whether or not our life has meaning, and whether or not we accomplished all that we had set out to do in our youth. Again, we ask whether our life had significance. What impact did we make on the world?

As we yet grow older, we come to accept that we will indeed die. We come to terms with it. Yet we wonder at each point what people will say about us when we die. Will it be pleasant? Did they see the heart behind the harsh words? What will I be remembered for in the end? Did my life have meaning? What did I teach my kids? Will they be okay?

It’s not unnatural to think about death. We are confronted with our own mortality at each point in our life, and it becomes more prevalent as we age. We know that our time on earth is limited, and, as many can attest, as you grow older, time appears to go by so quickly!

I Want To Be Remembered: My Life Needs To Have Meaning!

Yet, how do we live life with purpose… How do we make an impact on the world around us? More importantly, what will our children look like when they are adults? What kind of life will they lead? Will it be the one that they were raised with, or will they stray from the faith?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen discusses in his book, “What Will They Say About You When You’re Gone?” how to lead a life of urgency each day. He encourages readers to develop the courage to make good choices- not based on pressure, but on principle. His goal is to help readers rise above daily distractions to become the best version on themselves.

Rabbi Daniel Cohen uses a blend of storytelling, exercises, and wisdom to teach readers seven transformative principles so that you will live a life filled with purpose and passion so that you will become more aligned with the individual that you hope to be!

Helen Murray sat down with Rabbi Cohen to discuss his latest book, and what influenced him to write it. Rabbi Cohen also discusses how he helps people to become all God designed them to be.

In it, you will hear his compassion and passion for others, as well as a heart filled with love and mercy.

For more information on Rabbi Daniel Cohen, please visit his website.

Rabbi Cohen’s interview will be in our March issue coming out on February 26, 2019.

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