Extraordinary Movie is the first student driven feature film to be released nationwide.  Extraordinary tells the true story of ultra-marathoner and college professor, David Horton, his wife Nancy, and their journey to rebuild their marriage.

David’s family is proud of his athletic accomplishments and the impact on his students, however, his family continues to take a back-seat to his passion.  Following open-heart surgery, and irreversable damage to his knees, Nancy is more than ready for Dave to quit running for good, and to focus his attention to his family.  Her hopes are dashed when David feels called by God to “inspire people one last time”.  David then begins a 2,900 mile race across America.

This trek ends up taking its toll on David physically, and brings his marriage to the breaking point.


Extraordinary stars Shari Rigby, Leland Klassen, Karen Abercrombie and Kirk Cameron.  It will be released for a one-night event by Fathom Events on September 7, 2017 at 7:00pm local time.

“EXTRAORDINARY will encourage couples to go the distance in their marriages and is a wonderful opportunity to start a dialogue about honoring your family, persevering, and finishing well,” said Liberty University President Jerry Falwell. “Daily, we challenge our students and faculty to engage the world through Christian media and EXTRAORDINARY does that in a big way. This movie truly is a labor of love for Liberty University’s film school.”

Proceeding the movie, Fathom Events will hold a panel discussion including the filmmakers, cast, and marriage experts to discuss the importance of healthy marriage, and practical ways to improve relationships.

Further information can be found at: www.ExtraordinaryMovie.com.

Faith Filled Family’s Vernita Simmons interviews Scotty Curlee on the movie as his gives us a greater depth and appreciation for the behind-the-scenes aspects, as well as a discussion into the storyline of this amazing true story!

Extraordinary will appear in our August issue releasing on July 26th.  Don’t miss it!


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