I Only Asked To See Angels…

It doesn’t work that way. You can’t ask God to allow you to see into the supernatural and only see what you want to see. You end up seeing it all.

This means that when we ask God for the ability to see angels (into the supernatural) we will see demons as well. Both exist in the supernatural realm, and both war in that realm as well.


Be Aware That Access To The Supernatural Involved The Revelation Of All Things Good And Evil

We can’t just see good and not expect to see evil. It is all around us. Angels will stand watch over us, and demons will try to interfere. That’s just the way the Christian life is. However, if we never see evil, how are we to pray and stand guard against it?

But I Don’t Want To Be Terrified or Tormented By Demons!

When you have an understanding of what they are- a true understanding, not a “Hollywood” one- the fear goes away. The problem is that most people who see demons are instinctively afraid. Yet there is nothing to fear.

If you believe that God have you dominion over all things: powers, principalities and the like, then you have to believe that you have authority over demons as well. When God says, “Every knee shall bow…” He means exactly that- every knee shall bow. They have to.

Satan himself was defeated as prophesied in Genesis. This means that all of his minions are defeated as well. They have no power over us- just the power that we give them. So, when we give them fear, we get fear in return.

But why would you fear something that was defeated, and has no power over you? It is when we realize this that the fear dissipates.

De Andrea Matthews discusses why we see both angels and demons when we ask to view the supernatural. She will discuss why we can’t just only see one, and what to do if we do see demons.

This feature will be available in our next issue of Faith Filled Family coming out on May 27, 2019.

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