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Tips For Fighting Anti-Christian Values At School

The World Has Gone Crazy! Public Schools Are Horrible!  Yep, isn’t that the truth.  Not everyone can afford private schools or can homeschool kids, certainly not these days. But evil inundates our schools. You fear this as soon as you enroll your child. With new laws passed, our churches can’t even speak the truth without getting…

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Peer Raising: Have We Lost Our Kids To Their Friends?


The effects of working parents on their offspring have sparked great debate amongst researchers. A study conducted by Ellen Galinsky, President of the Families and Work Institute, reported that fathers with children younger than 18 now work an average of 60.9 hours per week; working mothers, 41.4 hours. The reality is that parents are working…

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“Drinking Doesn’t Effect Me In The Least”: Really?


What Situations Can Excessive Habitual Drinking Cause? Despite God’s clear words of warning throughout His word, there are still people who choose to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation or in excess. Those that drank alcoholic wine in the Bible were labeled as “winebibbers.” Proverbs explains to us that alcoholic drink can deceive us. Proverbs 20:1—“Wine…

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Planning On Partying? Is It A Sin To Drink?


Would you raise an eyebrow if someone who attends your church told you about their wild weekend partying and drinking? How about if your sweet and humble neighbor that doesn’t attend church at all invited you over for a Bloody Mary? Whether or not drinking alcohol is sinful, as well as the physical and spiritual…

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Don’t Fit The “Mold” As A Mom? That’s Okay!


As A Mom, Kids Will Rock Your World! Yes. Children will not just rock your world, they’ll turn you upside down. At birth, through adulthood, kids are always and forever, your kids.   As you move through months and years, you’ve read the Bible, prayed with them, and made sure they have good Christian friends. You’ve…

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Samaritan Woman Draws Water At Noon. The Reason?


Why Was The Samaritan Woman Drawing Water At Noon? Because Of Me. The Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus was ground-breaking. It was such a monumental event that the church selected this Gospel reading as one of the 7 Sunday readings during Lent; we listened to her story this past Sunday. It was an encounter that…

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Happiness & Joy Are Different… Seek Joy!


Don’t Search For Happiness; Live A Joyful Life Instead! As of 2016, the self-help/self-improvement industry was worth 9.9 Billion in the United States (as per the website: market . This number is so massive that I can hardly wrap my mind around it. And yet, it makes sense. Everyone wants to be happy.Everyone is searching…

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5 Fun Family Tips For Lent


The Coptic Orthodox Church starts Lent today. For 55 days, Copts will follow a vegan diet. However, Lent is so much more than abstaining from cheese and chocolate (notice chicken and meat are not even on my mind?). Lent is a spiritual journey towards Easter when we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection and our salvation. While…

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End Times: Raising Children Full Of Purpose

End Times

Whether you believe our days are end times is irrelevant. We live a world falling apart, each country, not just our own. If you cannot see this, look toward your Bible and read Romans, chapter 1 and 2nd Timothy chapter 3, for starters.          This is not a political article. It’s about family in these times.…

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