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Lies The Enemy Told Me… Uncovered (2 of 2)


The lies the enemy tells you don’t stop once you are saved. In fact, the enemy tries even harder to deceive you because now you are a threat to his kingdom on earth. When the Holy Spirit is in you, you now have the power to influence more people to Christ, to know the truth…

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Satan Told Me Lies, But Truth Freed Me

Lies the Enemy Told Me, and the Truth that set me Free By Michelle C. Danko    What prevents people from becoming a Christian?  The reasons are many and varied according to the individual.  The basis however, is the same.  It boils down to lies the enemy uses to keep people enslaved where they are. …

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Is Your Salvation Secured

What Do I Do Next? By Michelle C. Danko   Praise God, you have given your life to Jesus!  However, the story doesn’t end there.  It is just the beginning of something wonderful.  For many Christians, salvation begins and ends their journey.  They know that when they die, they will go to Heaven.  While this…

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What can the World Offer that God Can’t

The World versus God: Why Should we be Saved? By Michelle C. Danko Why should I be saved?  It’s a legitimate question that most of us have asked ourselves at one point or another.  When you are not in Christ, the world can be a very tempting place.  In it, you can do whatever you…

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Turning Financial Loss into Victory

The answer is simple:  If Satan is stealing from you, and has no right, then  you can take your authority and claim it back.  However sometimes the problem isn’t always Satan, it’s us. Are you preventing your own victory? Blessed in the Workplace    Scripture says that God will bless whatever we put our hands…

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Acceptance and Unconditional Love are Yours Part Two

All our lives we search for unconditional love and acceptance.  We look to other people- whether it be your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends- for this kind of fulfillment only to be disappointed when we feel what we perceive is rejection.  We want to be loved, cared for, understood, thought well of, approved… but our emotions are misdirected.  In…

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Prayer of Salvation

[box_light] Praise the Lord!  We had our first salvation! For those of you who would like to ask Jesus into their heart, and have a persoanl relationship with Him, please say the following words, and you will spend an eternity with the Lord!

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What it Means to Feel Loved Part One

 In beginning to write this series, I discovered that God revealed the ability of His people to really feel His love was lacking.  We know with our heads what scripture says, but not with our hearts because if we did, we wouldn’t need to fill our lives with approval from people, we wouldn’t be searching…

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