A weekly podcast is  something that we have though about doing for years now, that is finally coming to fruition.

Family Fridays” is a new weekly podcast that Faith Filled Family Magazine hopes to launch this week.  The goal of the podcast is to include a weekly message filled with prayer and biblical teaching over families at every stage of life.  It is our strong desire to see families living victorious in a time wherein Christianity seems to be suffering increasing oppression in society.

Faced not only with frustrations in business, the workplace, and in society in general, increasing demands are being placed on the family as we are told how to raise our kids.  Parents are almost rendered “helpless” in terms of discipline, and raising their children to be godly examples in a world that prizes tolerance over biblical truths.

Many parents ask the question, “How can we raise our children in a world that emphasizes conformity and squashes our voice at every turn?”  Moreover, the question of why other religions experience more acceptance while Christianity is seen as oppressive- especially when many of the views are shared.

“It’s not fair!” you say.  “But what can we do about it?”


What we are facing now is not much different than Christians faced in Jesus’ time.  Just as the disciples were a light in a sinful world, we too are called to be a light in a world of darkness.  It begins, much like the Old Testament Christians, of being unwavering in our faith, and uncompromising in our standards.  After all, we should not seek to please man, but to please God for our eternal salvation is at stake.  We are answerable to God for how we raised our children, and we will give an account of what we did here on earth.

It is not to say that we disrespect those with contrasting opinions- the Bible says to love your neighbour.  However, it doesn’t mean that we bend the Bible to suit things that are scripturally unjust.  It means that we respect others whose opinions do not line up with scripture, and, if the opinion presents itself, speak the truth in love.  We are not to be combative, but truthful and honest.  We are to walk in integrity as ambassador’s of Christ.  This is how we should live- as Jesus did.

More will be posted on the time and topic of the podcast in the next few days.


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