If you have loved Fallen for You, by EDIFY featuring Laura Jane, you will enjoy their newest single 2+9 with Gentil Mis and Laura Jane!

Thank you to Gentil Mis for sending this new song. This song was written by Gentil Mis, Laura Jane, and three others: Marc Debrincat and Kevin Gibson and Roger Montes. Gentil reports that they wanted to write a fun song about their love for music so they came up with something catchy saying, its better than a perfect 10, its 2 + 9 and the answer is self explanatory!

Many thanks to EDIFY for sending us this clip entitled, “Fallen for You” featuring Laura Jane. This single will be released this upcoming fall along with a full length album. Laura wrote some of the lyrics in the bridge. Music was produced by EDIFY and Brandon Blume (guitar).