Will They Be Able To Maintain The Faith Or Will It Fall By The Wayside?

As youth embark on their post-secondary education, many will experience learning theories that are contrary to their faith. The problem is that they sound plausible, and if they aren’t equipped with a firm foundation, they may find what they believe being challenged.

Some parents would say that they would just promote Christian schools to their children. Fair enough. However, if you haven’t done your research, you may find it there as well.


Some courses which deal with the study of religion will explore all religions which may include agnosticism and atheism. The agenda, with some, is to provide a balanced view of all faiths, and while there is nothing wrong with learning about how others worship, some are lured away and begin to develop false doctrine.

If they are interested in science, odds are that they will be exposed to various concepts of evolution- including theistic evolution which incorporates God with evolution. This can stretch their faith as it seems so plausible.

The constant testing of Christian doctrine doesn’t begin at the post-secondary level, though. For many, it begins much earlier.

Schools claim to be tolerant of multiple faiths, and will often expose children to numerous different religions in an attempt to eliminate bullying. Again, this knowledge isn’t bad, and can be a useful tool to discuss different beliefs with your child. However, this inclusiveness is often exclusive of Christianity which is often still viewed to be the “oppressor”.

Not only that, but health classes can sometimes be an issue for parents because they introduce many subjects that Christian parents don’t want their children to be exposed to because they don’t include a biblical view. Curriculum often has an emphasis on reproductive health, pregnancy, contraception and STD’s. However, discussions on abstinence are not as widespread as many parents would like. Additionally, masturbation is deemed acceptable.

Children are taught at a young age about LGBTQ, and gender identity. Many are introduced to transgendered individuals through storytelling.

Their faith is being tested every day.

And if it isn’t being tested, then they may be persecuted for it. It’s not usually be others that have faith, but from those who don’t believe that a God exists. Their peers will often challenge what they believe. Are they able to defend themselves?

Margaret Armanious will discuss how parents can equip their children at every level to be firm in their faith. The cause of them falling away isn’t that they never believed in God, but that they were unable to defend their faith. In short, the seed that was sown didn’t grow roots that were deep enough.

They end up falling prey to plausible theories, and are being forced to adopt them in order to fit in with society. The problem that they don’t realize is that while we are in this world, we are not of this world.

Margaret will teach you how to train your kids to be the light in this dark world, how to defend their faith, how to hold on to scripture, and how to overcome persecution.

This feature and more in our next issue which focuses on youth. Our next issue comes out on March 26, 2019.

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