Could even a positive confession hinder a miracle?

When we use the term, “Fake Christianese”, we mean those who make false statements about what is going on in their life. It is deeper than just wanting to be private. These confessions are made out of fear that if they even utter one word outlining their situation, then their miracle will not manifest.

Fake Christianese is Suffering in Silence

Fake Christianese

So they say nothing. They suffer in silence when people could and would be praying over them had they known. And there is power in the prayer of agreement!

Examples of fake Christianese would be claiming that they are well when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Instead of acknowledging that they have an illness and are believing for healing, they simply say they are well.

Is the confession a lie or are they just being mindful of their words?

Technically speaking, the confession is a lie. It isn’t the way things are. Physically/in the natural they are engaged in battle. In their minds, they don’t want to give Satan a foothold by even speaking what is wrong. But they aren’t speaking the truth either. They aren’t fine.

Lisa Carter discusses what the correct confession should be when life seems hard. We don’t want to confess something that isn’t a reality and lie. Yet we don’t want to give a negative confession either. It gives power to Satan, and we certainly don’t want to take ownership of the problem, either!

So, how do you avoid the fake Christianese yet still be truthful while in a state of battle? It seems like a tricky, fine line.

Additionally, Lisa discusses whether there is a danger in a fake positive confession, why people give these as answers, and what could be hindering them from receiving their miracle.

Curious? Then you will definitely want to read our March 2020 issue! Our March issue comes out on February 26, 2020!

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