Will family togetherness be maintained post Covid-19, or, much like the virus, will it be a thing of the past?

COVID-19 forced the on-the-go family to spend quality time together. Every single activity that our kids were invested in was shut down for an undetermined length of time, as were many of the parental go-to’s. We were confined to our homes… and began to get invested in each other’s lives.

We saw many people posting time spent playing board games, playing in the backyard, and just enjoying time together. When was the last time many of us did that? Just spent time with our kids without distractions? We didn’t have to vaguely promise to spend time with them. We were able to spend time with them.

Will things change?


Many families flourished and began to know each other on a personal level again. A good morning wasn’t confined to a grunt and racing off to school/or to see a friend. In fact, some children weren’t allowed to visit their friends as parents enforced social distancing. Families grew closer as a result. Families grew stronger.

So now that many of us learned the importance of spending time as a family, we need to ask ourselves whether we can maintain it. Alexis Wohler asks whether it is possible to maintain a healthy, happy, harmonious home life in a demanding digital world. Are we doomed to busyness, or can the strength and unity of our homes be maintained?

What will you see in your own homes? Busyness as usual, or has COVID-19 truly changed the way you think? Maintaining close family bonds may not be as impossible as you may imagine. Alexis illustrates some ways that you can make every important aspect of your life fall into place without losing a single precious moment.

Parents, please keep in mind… Our children are only ours for a season. Treasure every single moment with them, and make memories that will last a lifetime. These are the things that your children will tell your grandkids. These are the things you will be remembered by.

The accumulation of wealth, the “stuff”, the big house, the extras that you were able to provide will long fade away. But what will be remembered always were those little moments that you took just to make a memory.

Our next issue comes out on May 26, 2020!

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