Pastor Joel Fitzpatrick discusses latest book to help fathers In July Issue

Studies indicate boys are increasingly apt to display acts of aggression and the inability to express emotions over girls. There is an ongoing discussion regarding the effects of toxic masculinity leading to pent-up aggressions, frustration, isolation, problematic relationships, violence, anger, and other harsh realities. What is made clear, in all of this, is the importance of the next generation being taught what it means to be a “man”.


Fathers need to read, “Between Us GUys”

Pastor Joel Fitzpatrick, in his book, “Between Us Guys: Life Changing Conversations for Dads and Sons”, shares how it is very important for dads to be role models for their sons, and to have conversations centered around God. Fathers have been given an incredible opportunity to be a huge influence over their children’s lives. Pastor Joel Fitzpatrick demonstrates how fathers can engage in conversations with their children on every aspect of their lives.

Additionally, he shows fathers how to pass down the message of Christ to future generations thereby redefining what manliness means through the eyes of scripture.

Fitzpatrick goes into depth about how television, internet, social media, and gaming have robbed fathers and sons from spending quality time with each other. “Between Us Guys” equips fathers to have intentional conversations with their sons.

“Most dads can’t remember ever having these sorts of talks with their fathers, so they need help having them,” he says. “Understanding the gospel is vitally important for boys to grow into men who love God and people.”

A father himself, Fitzpatrick urges fathers to not shy away from hard discussions. Dads should focus on the freedom Christians have rather than engaging in a moralistic message. Fitzpatrick was formally a youth and family pastor, and has helped other families to bond in conversation.

Fitzpatrick gives insights on important topics such as social justice, friendships, money, anger, and what it means to be a man.

“The subject of ‘being a man’ is such a touchy one that it’s even hard to say. ‘Be a man’ can cause so much hurt to those who don’t fit into the typical models of what a man is. What does it mean to be a man? We have all kinds of ways that we think about how to answer this question. The entertainment industry seems to highlight three models of a man in particular: the weakling, the loser, and the womanizer,” Fitzpatrick writes.
“Men come in all shapes and sizes. Men may even struggle with their manhood. So, what does it mean to be a man, and does the Bible hold out a clear description of a man? I think the answer is yes.”

Written especially for fathers and sons between 6-12, each chapter is divided into sections that lead the reader through what God had intended, what broke in the fall, Jesus’ redemption, Heaven’s restoration, and our response.

It is Fitzpatrick’s hope that father-son relationships will be restored and strengthened. This is what he mentions repeatedly to our readership in our interview with him in our July Issue.

For further information on both Pastor Joel Fitzpatrick, and his book, “Between Us Guys”, please read his upcoming interview in our next edition of Faith Filled Family.

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