“But I can’t afford it!”

While there is wisdom in avoiding debt, sometimes we talk ourselves out of things due to fear. Marriage and children being two of them. We tell ourselves that we can’t afford a wedding- it’s too expensive. Yet, if you are creative, you can have an elegant wedding on a limited budget. You just have to find a way to make it happen.


I had a friend who had an exquisite wedding on a $3,000 budget. You would have never known it. They booked a gorgeous room with large windows overlooking the scenic city. The room was intimate, but classy with the brass fixtures, and clear, dangling chandeliers.

The bride somehow managed to find her dress, tiara and veil for $650- although she would never tell me where she went. She looked gorgeous, as did the groom.

After the ceremony, guests waited in a separate room while the food was being brought out. A cellist was playing classical music in the background while people mingled and sipped on chilled non-alcoholic apple cider in champagne glasses.

Instead of a sit-down dinner, waiters circulated with fancy hors d’oeuvres while music played softly in the background. It was elegant, and looked expensive. However, it was not.

The couple found a way that they could afford it. They didn’t let financial fear determine their happiness together.

Can’t afford children? Who that has had children can? Yet most people will tell you that if God blesses you with them, He will indeed provide. There is nothing to fear. You learn how to do things differently in ways you could never imagine.

Nancy Akandi goes into depth about the reasons why people are afraid to get married- namingly that they can’t afford it. Most people just starting out look at their student debt, the two jobs they are working, and covid restrictions as a reason not to take that next step.

Nancy walks readers through each objection and shows you how you can!

This feature will appear in our February 2021 issue of FFFM coming out on January 26, 2021!

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